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Major Publications

Quality Improvement: A Guide for Integration in Nursing - Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access

Quality Improvement
A Guide for Integration in Nursing (2018)
Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access (1st Ed.)

Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care
Leadership and Management for Nurses.
Core Competencies for Quality Care (2016)
(3rd Ed.)

Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership
Professional Nursing Concepts:
Competencies for Quality Leadership (2015)
(3rd Ed.)

Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education

Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education (2012) (3rd Ed.) and the companion
Learning IOM (2012)

*First and second editions won awards from the Society for Technical Communication, Washington, D.C. (2007-2008 and 2010).

Case Management for Nurses
Case Management for Nurses (2011)

Resources for Excellence

Anita Finkelman, MSN, RN is a nurse educator and consultant and is visiting Lecturer, Nursing Department, Recanati School for Community Health Professions, Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She has served as visiting faculty at Northeastern University School of Nursing and was Chair of its CCNE Task Force to prepare for accreditation. Her past positions include Assistant Professor of Nursing at University of Oklahoma College of Nursing where she taught undergraduate and graduate nursing research online, was course coordinator for undergraduate nursing research, and was awarded a VA program grant to develop a special undergraduate long-term experience at the VA and develop a summer internship and a post-graduate nurse residency program. This position was a telework position. At the University of Cincinnati she was associate professor, clinical nursing and also Director of the Undergraduate Program. She has managed several projects to migrate nursing curriculum to distance learning.

Her BSN is from TCU, masters degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing from Yale University, and she completed post-masters graduate work in healthcare policy and administration at George Washington University. Additional health policy work was completed as a fellow of the Health Policy Institute, George Mason University. Ms. Finkelman’s thirty-five plus years of nursing experience includes clinical, educational, and administrative positions, and considerable experience developing distance learning programs, development of curriculum and other online products related to simulation learning, and teaching online, and she has served as Director of Staff Education for two acute care hospitals.

As a consultant Ms. Finkelman works in the area of distance education, curriculum, teaching strategies, and health care adminsitration. She has authored many books, journal articles, served on editorial boards and currently is on the editorial board for Home Healthcare Nurse, and lectured on administration, health policy, continuing education, and psychiatric-mental health nursing, both nationally and internationally, particularly in Israel for Ben Gurion University and Hebrew University Hadassah School of Nursing and worked on international consulting projects. She serves as a consultant to publishers and healthcare organizations in areas of distance education and product development. She has presented workshops across the country focusing on her work related to the Institute of Medicine and implications for nursing education book for nurse educators and staff educators and presented at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) BSN annual meeting and the AACN Dean’s annual meeting as invited speaker.

Consulting Services Focused On:

¤ Nursing Curriculum

      ¤ Integrate IOM Core Competencies in Curriculum

      ¤ Integrate Carnegie Benner Nursing Education in Curriculum

      ¤ Review of Curriculum to Improve Learning Outcomes

¤ Assistance with CCNE Accreditation Self-Study Preparation

¤ Faculty Development on Teaching-Learning Strategies

¤ Faculty Development on Many Other Topics

¤ Distance Education: Effective Development of Courses and Faculty Development to be Effective in the Online Environment

¤ Healthcare Administration such as management development

Sample Presentation Topics

¤ Institute of Medicine Quality Reports and Nursing Education

¤ Current Status of Nursing Education: From Institute of Medicine Reports to
   Benner’s Report on Nursing Education and More

¤ Curriculum: What Do We Need to Improve

¤ Developing Effective Teaching-Learning Strategies to Address Current Needs

¤ Staff Education and Relationship to Nursing Education

Presentations may be focused topics covering one to two hours or intensive all day workshops for nursing faculty, staff educators, and combination of audiences.


Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education

Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education

"This book and CD-ROM should be mandatory reading for anyone who is teaching nursing. The book clearly and concisely documents the impact and application of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports on healthcare. Results of the reports are summarized, and strategies for applying the results to nursing education are delineated in detail.
The book brings very helpful insights to how we can update the profession to meet the needs of healthcare today. While this book is clearly an excellent resource for schools of nursing, I think it will also be a valuable resource for facilities and agencies that employ nurses. "
~Leslie Neal-Boylan, PhD, RN, CRRN, APRN-BC, Book Review. Home Healthcare Nurse: The Journal for the Home Care and Hospice Professional, 28 (1), 55.

"Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education is an invaluable reference. The authors have taken important information that may have gotten lost in reports and turned it into usable knowledge. I use this book as a ready resource when consulting with schools of nursing on how to update their curriculum to meet today’s healthcare needs. I would not consider writing curriculum for a new nursing program or updating an existing curriculum without this book at my side."
~Linda Caputi, MSN, EdD, RN, CNE, Professor of Nursing and Nursing Education Consultant

"Many nursing faculty members may mention one of the IOM reports in lecture, but Teaching IOM Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education has an especially refreshing way of introducing nursing faculty to the IOM reports. The book boasts a wealth of information that is presented in a way that the nurse educator can easily thread the relevant content into the course. The format employed by Finkelman and Kenner proves very accessible and user friendly, as the content is broken down into five parts. This allows for easy organization of topics by the instructor and subsequent communication of that content to the students."
~Mary Gallagher Gordon, MSN, RN, CNE, Drexel University

Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care

Leadership and Management for Nurses

"The chapters are very current in their approach and context. I think this is a real plus. The layout and format make the text excellent for use in online courses."

"The text is written in a very readable style. 85% of my students are not native English speaking students so that is always a factor when I choose a book. This book would be very good for my students. The writing is professional but at the same time down to earth. Easy to read and understand"

"The Chapter is highly readable and begins at a level that is approachable for a multigenerational audience. Technical terms are defined. The end of chapter material is helpful in re-capping the chapter. The inclusion of a case study is also very much appreciated."

"Chapter revisions are excellent. Current information with great detail focusing on the IOM reports and recommendations."

"Excellent chapter. Up to date and more comprehensive than other leadership books."

"Within each chapter, as the author provides current scenarios, case examples, and encourages debriefing and critical thinking. Students will have opportunities to practice the skills that will equip them for the transition from student, to novice, to expert. Likewise, students will understand the need to develop habits of critically evaluating situations, discussing issues and concerns with colleagues and more experienced professional nurses. "


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